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The brand new Amiga action-RPG for the Apollo Vampire V4 series systems and accelerators!

Team QSEC is proud to be developing a brand new action-RPG for the Amiga compatible Apollo V4, Apollo Firebird for the A500, and the Apollo IceDrake for the A1200! Join Jake and his robot-buddy Peppy, on their adventures through the universe collecting loot and defeating enemies!



03/02/2023 We have completed the first tranch of shipments of the V4 Ultimate Board to people who registered before 31 December 2021! If you first registered interest BEFORE 31 December 2021 and have NOT been contacted, please email us again as our emails to you may have been put into your spam folder. 

25/07/2022 The V4 Ultimate Board for the StandAlone has been "Apollo Computer Approved", and has gone gold! The board is now undergoing production!

27/02/2022  A new video showing some of the configurability of the V4 Ultimate Expansion board has been posted. Please see the V4 Ultimate Board tab for more information!


31/12/2021 Just in time for 2022, Jake and Peppy v0.85 has been released! A lot of new features have been added. Not only that, but the game has been tested and is working on both the Firebird and IceDrake V4 accelerators for the A500 and A1200! Please see the release video on the videos page.

21/11/2021 Ok, so it's not J&P news (that's coming soon!) but it's a NEW page for some exciting new V4 hardware. QSEC Team members Quetzal and Eule are developing the V4 Ultimate Expansion Board, and we are pleased to host the official Expansion Board page on the J&P site. Please see the V4 Ultimate Board tab for more information!

29/08/2021 Added a NEW highlights video showing the new features and improvements of Jake and Peppy V0.80. Oh, and was released!

13/08/2021 Jake and Peppy V0.80 released! Download from Aminet NOW!

29/05/2021 Jake and Peppy V0.75 released!

09/04/2021 First Jake and Peppy release - V0.7!

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